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B2B CRM Strategies - Quiddity

Why B2B CRM Strategies Enables you to Harness Full Potential of Your CRM Solution

The truth is clear and established since long that there are notable differences between B2B and B2C strategies. B2B is a different ball game and businesses’ main focus is on building long lasting relationships with other businesses. This playground is called to be a typical one because mostly there are a couple of decision makers and it is multifaceted when compared with the B2C business model. As said, multiple touchpoints make it difficult for companies to identify the requirements of their clients.  

Here is when a CRM solution comes into picture. An effective CRM system such as Quiddity compiles all the information making it easier for a small business or an enterprise to track the different needs of their customers, more importantly at the right time and increase the chance of conversion.  

Why Formulating B2B CRM Strategies is Crucial?  

As a product manager for a CRM solution for small businesses, I can confidently say that B2B CRM strategies play an important role in helping businesses boost their sales These strategies when formed diligently enable businesses to sort data and deliver amicable omnichannel customer experiences. Let’s see what you can achieve with a B2B CRM strategy 

Better Visibility – A B2B CRM allows you to view all the required information from a single system and be enabled to gain better business visibility. Quiddity CRM is equipped with a 360 customer view feature that enables you to acquire every bit of information about your contact such as pending invoices, duration for which the customer was associated with your business and many more. The availability of this kind of information allows you to know your customers’ interests and increase your cross-selling and upselling opportunities.  

Targeted Marketing Campaign Modern B2B CRM strategies include the integration of CRM with third parties that allows the marketers to launch targeted marketing campaigns. The marketing professionals can segment customers according to their interests after gaining insights from third party software and launch targeted campaigns to build up a brand image and increase their chances of conversion. Quiddity is integrated with MailChimp to let businesses take data driven decisions as far as launching marketing campaigns is concerned.  

Proper Follow-ups for Every Account – When your sales professionals have healthy pipelines it is quite common to miss out on less active accounts. If the sales executives touch bases with them frequently it might happen that they generate business, because these accounts have already been your customer so they are well aware of the quality of services you provide. And don’t forget the adage that it is easy to retain a customer when compared with acquiring a new customer 

Make Every Day Productive – Successful and effective B2B CRM strategies allow their employees to plan their day in an efficient manner. With a B2B CRM such as Quiddity, there are several features like Tasks and To-Dos that allow the employees to view their tasks for the day and assign the same to their colleagues if need be. Also, Quiddity lets employees to view their meetings scheduled in Google or Outlook calendar or Quiddity in Quiddity interface to plan their day without having to switch between multiple screens.  

Five Efficient B2B CRM Strategies 

After mentioning the benefits of strategising a B2B CRM deployment or investment, I am going to highlight a few of the B2B CRM strategies that enables you to make full use of B2B CRM 

B2B CRM Strategies1 

The Last Word  

We know that every customer is unique. Their needs and preferences are specific. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult for the businesses to define a simplified approach that fits all the businesses’ needs.  

Designing B2B CRM strategies might sound overwhelming but if done correctly then results can be yielding. The focal point of these strategies is a reliable B2B CRM. Speak to me to understand how Quiddity can help you build an effective B2B CRM strategy and enable you to improvise your marketing and sales efforts. To reach out, email at or register for a free trial here to get a hands-on experience of CRM solution.  

Brendan Fazel

Brendan works as a Product Manager at Quiddity, an amazing workflow and customer relationship management tool for small businesses. He has a passion for design and problem solving and loves to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

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