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Convert leads to Quotes seamlessly

One system, multiple workflows, simplify your decision making

No credit card & training required.

Sales and Lead Tracking

Without sales, small businesses cannot survive. It’s not always easy to keep track of contacts becoming leads. Quiddity makes this simple. You can create or import your contacts, follow up, easily track the progression of your leads, provide a quote and secure new business with ease. Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with powerful features like customer activities and history, and customer call cycle.

Maintain relationships, build reputations and secure sales. With Quiddity, the hard work is done for you.

Every activity can lead to a new client. Don’t lose track of post it’s, paper notes and never forget a name. Quiddity’s lead monitoring feature enables you to store client activities and history, categorise and prioritise every lead. From contact names to the services they are interested in, you can track every lead easily.

Generate professional and timely quotes with ease using Quiddity’s CRM like features. Include features such as customised terms & conditions and rules of engagement with quick templates.

With Quiddity, ensure that your quoting is streamlined, consistent and a part of your brand.