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Create, control, track and analyse your sales through one single software


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Grow your Sales and build meaningful customer relationships

Measuring data such as enquiries and leads consistently from the start to finish can help improve the productivity of your business. For effective management of your sales, you need to be able to identify, track and analyse every step in the process to achieve the desired result. Quiddity brings together all the tools you need under one robust platform with a sales software for your teams to never miss an opportunity. 

Manage enquiries in real time with Quiddity sales software

With Quiddity’s hassle-free enquiry management system, generate more sales by nurturing every enquiry. Track the status of every enquiry, schedule follow up actions and strengthen customer relationships. All of these can be managed swiftly with the Enquiry tool in Quiddity sales software. 

Manage all your enquiries

You can remain on the top of your enquiries by viewing them irrespective of the source from a single interface of the My Records section. 

Track your enquiries

You can easily track the enquiry by changing its status to either acknowledged, unacknowledged, converted or lost from the interface itself. 

Manage several activities

You can manage several business activities from an intuitive interface as tasks, business documents, sent emails, reminders and time spent on an enquiry is visible with fewer clicks.  

Allocate to an expert

You can assign an enquiry to an expert in your organisation from the Quiddity dashboard and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Import enquiries quickly

You can also import enquiries from a CSV and rectify any invalid record before importing. 

Customise an enquiry as per your needs in Quiddity sales software

Create custom fields and different details such as codes, customer types, project types, referral source and get the required information of any enquiry which is coming in. 

Arrange these custom fields on the form in your desired sequence based on specific needs. 

Obtain visitors information in the webform and use this data to create the enquiry in the sales software.  

Create multiple web forms and assign them to the desired employee right from the dashboard.

Classify an enquiry and track its sources and report for won and lost enquirieand draft better strategies in future. 

Keep up to date on your leads with an efficient sales management tool

The My Leads dashboard in the Quiddity sales software allows your sales team to edit the leads and provides actionable information on each lead. You can associate the leads related to a specific enquiry or campaign and mark its priority. 

Bulk update leads

You can select multiple leads and update their crucial details at the same time using the bulk edit option present in the sales software. 

Import all your leads

You can import up to date data of all your leads from CSV without any hassle and utilise them anytime. 

Create a lead clone

You can clone leads for the same contact to generate an overlay in a single click and save on time and efforts. 

Customise lead stages

You can identify and create custom lead stages, its probability, lead source, or lead lost reason. 

Track lead stages and grow your business with Quiddity sales software

Add business documents and quickly attach it to relevant leads in the Quiddity sales software.  

Stay organised and convert your leads into quotes, sales orders and invoices with a few simple clicks.  

Avoid any currency mismatch while connecting to Xero organisation. 

Take control of your leads by tracking its associated activities, tasks and time entry using the activity record.  

Enhance your lead management

Understand your sales

You can visualise each step that your prospect takes towards the path of conversion and optimise the conversion rate using the sales funnel widget. 

Decipher your data

You can know how each member of your team is performing using the sales widget and determine number of leads being converted. 

Track active leads

You can track the performance of your active leads and determine if the lead is worth your time and efforts. 

Converted leads summary

You can get an insight into how many leads have been converted and what the conversion rate is. 

Drive more sales on the go with Quiddity lead management mobile app

Gain a comprehensive list of all your leads all in one place and filter the desired leads using the filter option.

Add any related details or attach relevant documents to keep all information of any lead in a single place. 

Update the lead details anytime on the move from an easy-to-use interface.

Get the sales funnel on the mobile app and convert the leads faster.

Know your active leads and make informed decisions. 

Obtain a lead conversion summary on the mobile app and plan better sales strategies. 

Increase deal velocity by creating quotes quickly

Generate more effective sales proposals by creating quotes for each lead. With just a few clicks you can easily build and send exclusive quotations from the Quiddity sales software.

Specify delivery details

You can mention the details like amount and delivery details on each Quote. 

Create detailed quotes

You can make a detailed quote with information about the product, services and bundle for every lead.  

Focus on priority quotes

You can save time and focus on important tasks by prioritising the quotes and flagging them. 

Generate GST free quotes

You can also create a Quote which is free of GST, irrespective of its line item. 

Mention detailed terms on quotes

You can choose to include your terms and conditions for payment while sending quote to your client. 

Create and manage your Quotes easily

Gain a holistic view of your leads

You can obtain a high-level overview of all your quotes over a time period in one place on the Quiddity sales software dashboard. 

Add sign–off attachments

You can customise your system to make attaching sign-off documents mandatory during the quote approval. 

Track associated entity

You can track all the details of quotes like notes, email interactions, meetings, reminders, tasks and timesheets through the activities section of Quiddity sales software. 

Create quotes template

You can create templates of frequently used products or services to generate faster quotes. 

Create duplicate quotes

You can copy your quote and quickly create a new one for the same contact having the same product/services and delivery address. 

Auto marking quotes

You can automate the process of marking the quote as expired once it finishes the expiry days period. 

Manage quotes on the go with Quiddity sales software

Have a preview of all your Quotes in one place using the Quotes list view.

Filter the required Quotes based on a certain category by defining fields on the Quiddity mobile app.

Generate PDF of any given quote and immediately share it with your customers.

Quickly identify active quotes through the widget and act on them to stay productive. 

Focus on Quotes that are in progress and get quick approval from your client.  

Instantly check the status of the quotes and get conversion summary even on the move. 

Grow your revenue using in depth sales analytics

With sales software like Quiddity, you can also generate reports to identify territories that need sales improvement and sources that bring in the most profit. 

Summary of enquiry

You can easily track and measure the conversion rate for every enquiry using reports. 

Forecast leads with a pipeline report

You can get a quick update on all your leads and forecast future sales with accurate reporting. 

Better understand leads

You can get the quick analysis of the average variance and lead cycle. Get details on the lost leads to ensure improvement for better conversion in future. 

Preview of all leads

You can view the leads generated during each month. Also, you can find the leads created based on its sources, campaign, or salesperson. 

Track your sales growth with quote reports

Obtain a comprehensive insight into the overall revenue in one user interface. Keep a tab on each and every quoteset realistic goals and identify bottlenecks in quotes through the pipeline report.  

Gain better insights on quotes

You can get the summary of all quotes created during a specific duration and know the booked amount and the conversion rates for quotes. 

Quote conversion rate

You can view the quotes converted during each month and keep a tab on its average variance and quote cycle. 

Quote pipeline stage report

You can track the expected booked amount by keeping an eye on all open quotes and try to get them converted faster.