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Marketing made simple

One system, multiple workflows, simplify your decision making


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Marketing for Small Business

Running a small business has many challenges. Take control of the marketing aspect of your business with Quiddity’s amazing features.
With our simple and intuitive CRM like features, you can manage your marketing campaigns, make record tracking a breeze, track your budget, view conversion rates and generate reports with valuable insights. Quiddity also integrates with MailChimp, so it eliminates the need to keep multiple records across disparate systems.

Make the right decisions with the marketing features of Quiddity and take the guess work out of your business. Keep your marketing process simple and straightforward.

Marketing - Quiddity

Manage campaign seamlessly

Take the advantage of an intuitive system to help you run your marketing campaigns and achieve your sales goals. Simply decide on your type of campaign, choose your dates and you are all set! Refine your approach and ensure a return on investment by using Quiddity.

Manage campaign seamlessly - Quiddity
Manage your campaigns

You can create, manage status and view statistics of all types of marketing campaigns you run within Quiddity.

Work with an intuitive system

You can update the status of the campaigns based on inbuilt prompts as you progress through your campaigns within Quiddity.

Track all your records

You can attach relevant documents, create tasks and log timesheets associated with a campaign within Quiddity.

Make your process easy

You can create leads from a campaign as well as track quotes, sales orders or invoice related to a campaign with Quiddity.

Associate your contacts

You can associate your Quiddity contacts’ details with a target campaign and export the data as a CSV file to utilise it anywhere, anytime.

Get complete insight of your campaign

Monitor the expected v/s actual budget, revenue and lead statistics

Know your leads generated through the campaign, its status and cost per lead

Get instant view of the quotes, sales order and invoice generated through the campaign

Review revenue generated through the campaign  

Campaign statistics - Quiddity

Review snapshot of all campaigns

View all your campaigns and its status in one view with Quiddity’s dashboard. Make quick business decisions and tweak your marketing strategies to keep your business profitable.

Review snapshot of all campaigns - Quiddity
Compare your campaigns

You can compare campaigns against one another to see which gives you better results in terms of leads or revenue.

Know your lead status

You can keep tab of status of all leads of each campaign and know which ones to take forward on priority.

Quick overview of campaign

Combine the power of marketing and sales

Quiddity integrates with MailChimp, making it easier to select your target market by keeping all your contacts in one place. Combine MailChimp’s powerful email marketing automation with Quiddity and give your business the much-needed agility with drastic improvement in process efficiency. 

Combine the power of marketing and sales - Quiddity
Create campaigns in MailChimp

You can easily create a MailChimp campaign from Quiddity and associate it with any campaign within Quiddity.

Identify your connected campaigns

You can easily identify the Quiddity campaigns that are connected to MailChimp and increase your efficiency.

Manage your contacts within Quiddity and MailChimp

Push multiple contacts (contact as well as contact person) from Quiddity to MailChimp with a single click

Manage all your contacts with tags when sent to MailChimp

Gain flexibility of defining your campaigns in MailChimp

Add any new contact directly into MailChimp

Export the campaign associated contacts as CSV and utilise it anywhere, anytime

Manage your contacts within Quiddity and MailChimp - Quiddity

Get instant updates from MailChimp

With instant updates and a high-level view on your campaigns’ performance, you are equipped with data that enables you to tweak your MailChimp campaigns for success. Stay on top of the game and improve your marketing activities.

Get instant updates from MailChimp - Quiddity
View your data

You can view MailChimp’s campaigns, lists, reports, analytics, campaign performance, high level results and instant updates within Quiddity.

Manage subscriber activity

You can take out the hassle of handling multiple platforms by getting instant updates of any subscriber activity occurring in MailChimp in to your Quiddity account.

Quick overview of MailChimp

Get real-time reports and insights

Get instant advanced reports of your campaigns and its statistics and take the best decisions for your business. Keep your team’s performance at its peak, work with data insights to make smarter marketing decisions and empower your team to achieve more.

Get real-time reports and insights - Quiddity
Gain from comparison reports

You can compare reports of multiple campaigns by leads, quotes, SO and invoices using Comparison reports within Quiddity.

View your campaign summary graphically

You can graphically view all your campaigns via type, time, status, leads and revenue.

Create amazing reports

You can create reports based on expected values v/s actuals leads or revenue and filter as per need for better viewing.

Quick overview of Reports