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Build Beautiful relationships with your customers

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Access your contacts' details with ease with Quiddity CRM

Whilst building a relationship with a customer there are many aspects to be taken care of. For example, you need to be aware of your customer’s interactions with your teammates, bosses and other people in your organisation. You also need to have a fair knowledge about their business, industry they belong to and many other details. With the help of our Quiddity CRM you can securely keep numerous details of your clients and take a personalised approach whilst addressing them. You can also automate the entire process of entering data in your Quiddity CRM by gathering the data directly from your website with the webforms feature.  

Manage numerous contacts from a single intuitive interface

Quiddity CRM enables you to enter and securely save several details about the people or companies you are doing business with.  

Customer Experience - Contacts - Quiddity
Contact Categories - Contacts - Quiddity
Define the type of contact

You can specify whether the details you are entering are of which a company or an individual customer by mentioning its type. You can determine the relationship of any contact with the company by using the “Relationship type” field in Quiddity.  

Managing different details of contact - Contacts - Quiddity
Manage numerous details of contacts

You can add several social, professional and financial details as well as attach business documents and keep all the details of any contact in a single place. You can also view a comprehensive list of records such as leads, quotes and other entities for any contact from a single place.

Interaction management - Contacts - Quiddity
Track all emails and notes

You can add notes and keep a log of all email interactions with your contacts by sending emails from any client to Quiddity by using the Mail Drop Box feature.

Customer Management - Contacts - Quiddity
Manage contact call cycle

You can rate the contact and the system will remind you when to connect with your contact and boost sales. 

Know your contacts

CRM Customisation - Contacts - Quiddity

Add custom fields to enter the required information you need for every contact. 

Customer profiling - Contacts - Quiddity

Categorise your customers with the customised tags. Also, these tags are searchable therefore, you can easily find the required contacts and create segmented lists.

Task information - Contacts - Quiddity

Add tasks to be concluded for every contact. You can update the status of the task to keep the authorities or stakeholders informed. 

Log time - Contacts - Quiddity

Track time spent by your team for completing tasks associated with any contact by utilising the timesheet feature.

Acquire every single bit of information about your customer with the Customer 360 view feature and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Create and manage your list of contacts

Quiddity CRM allows you to easily import contacts from CSV files and Xero. You can rectify the incorrect data in Quiddity before importing. You can also create a contact on the go by using the Quiddity mobile app.

Easy Contact Management - Contacts - Quiddity
Updating contact details - Contacts - Quiddity
Update numerous contacts

You can select several contacts and update their details at the same time by using the bulk edit feature. 

MailChimp Campaign - Contacts - Quiddity
Add contacts to campaigns or MailChimp lists

You can select contacts and add them to campaigns or MailChimp lists by following a small series of steps.

Contact List - Contacts - Quiddity
View customised contact lists

You can filter the contacts by using your own criteria. You can define the columns you want to see in the contacts list. This particular list will be saved as a custom view.

Base your decisions on data

Get powerful, real-time analytics that can help you make smarter business decisions. 

Real-time Reports - Contacts - Quiddity
Customer Journey - Contacts - Quiddity
Customer lifecycle

You can measure and manage any organisation’s revenue based on the number of customers or product/services delivered.

Report - Contact - Quiddity
Contact report

You can view revenue generated by any contact for any month. Also, you can find the amount of revenue generated by a contact based on the industry they belong to.

Be productive on the move with Quiddity’s mobile app

Mobility - Contacts - Quiddity

Create a contact or update details from an easy to use interface when on the move.

Sync Contact - Contacts - Quiddity

Make phone calls to your Quiddity contacts from your mobile phone by syncing the contacts with your phonebook.

Filter - Contacts - Quiddity

Find the desired contacts by using the filter option.

Google Maps - Contacts - Quiddity

Identify your contact’s location details by using Google maps.

View the required information with the three widgets – Contacts Since, Pending Invoices and Purchased Products, Services and Categories and make quick and informed decisions.

Reach out to your customer on the channels of their choice by finding their social media profiles from the app interface itself.

Manage your business efficiently by viewing all the other entities associated with a particular contact from the Quiddity mobile CRM.