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Timesheet Software – Quiddity

Take Out the Hassles and Bring in Productivity with a Timesheet Software from Quiddity

When you are in the zone of concentration, and at the peak of productivity, the last thing that you would want to do is to keep track of the working hours. And losing such productivity costs employers around half a trillion dollars each year. With today’s remote working scenario, this issue is even more compounded. So how do you encourage your teams to improve productivity without getting distracted?   

The technology of present time offers a straightforward solution to such issues – Timesheet software like Quiddity. A time and work tracking system can add structure to your organisation. Business organisations can breathe easy knowing that a lot of monotonous tasks are now associated with cloud-based solutions such as a timesheet app which makes data collection easier. You can accurately manage and monitor the progress of your teams.  

Is Using Timesheet Software Still a Feasible Solution?  

Those working in corporates would know how fast time flies when they are working on a project and it gets difficult to keep track of the activities. One of the major problems faced by the management is to keep a track of the time spent by the employees on particular task. Traditionally, excel sheets were used to fill in this data which resulted in errors and loss of productivity. Enterprises around the world use various methods to deal with this issue. A timesheet software acts as a significant motivator for productivity and getting the most out of your employees. On the management part, a timesheet software resolves the challenges faced by the employers in this remote mode of operation. Time tracking software is also an efficient way to track time, calculate work hours and calculate payments of each employee. With a well-structured timesheet app, you can also track the ongoing projects and find out who isn’t working to their complete potential.

Benefits of Investing in a Timesheet Software  

Apart from the factor of saving time, there are several more benefits of using timesheet software and tools. Let’s dive into them:  

Timesheet Software1 – Quiddity

1. Track Working Hours of Employee:

With timesheet software, you can be assured that the working hours of your employees are recorded accurately.  

2. Save Money and Time:

Timesheet software is developed to save your precious time and money by eliminating the need to manually enter timesheets. You also save money as this also eliminates inaccurate reporting.

3. Avoid Mistakes:

Manual time entry or excel sheets are prone to errors. Automated timesheet software like Quiddity means fewer errors and more accuracy.  

4. Reduce Admin Workload: 

Timesheet software streamlines the end-to-end payroll process so that you can focus on other important tasks.  

5. Enable Smooth Functioning:

With timesheet tracking app, you can easily address challenges and understand the company’s workflow in a better way.  

6. Delegate Tasks to the Right People:

A timesheet tool can also help to determine if the task assigned to an employer matches his skillset by analysing the data gathered. 

7. Avoid Micro-Management:

A timesheet tracking app allows you to eliminate the time spent on micromanaging each employee as you get a progress update right into the software.  

8. Increase Productivity:

A timesheet tool also helps in improving the work capacity of teams as it becomes easy to spot and address any issue.  

The Takeaway  

Timesheet software has an overall impact on the productivity of the business and it also helps in optimising business operations. Tracking of the time spent on each task also helps in developing an efficient working habit within the team. If you are looking for reliable time tracking software for your business, Quiddity can help. Get in touch with us at or register for 14 day free trial to see how Quiddity can help you manage your time. 

Brendan Fazel

Brendan works as a Product Manager at Quiddity, an amazing workflow and customer relationship management tool for small businesses. He has a passion for design and problem solving and loves to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

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