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Improve Business Process Management with smarter reporting

One of the most common issues for small businesses is a lack of visibility. By using Quiddity software’s business process management feature, you can manage your business processes and simplify your routines. With Quiddity, all of your important data is captured within a single software platform and reporting across your whole business is made simple.

Need to produce marketing reports, employee timesheets and other documents? Quiddity can streamline all these business processes and store them in one convenient place!

Timesheets are one of the most common workspace reports and they’re essential for transparency and accuracy. With Quiddity, you can create timesheet summaries based on days, months and more. Keep track of billable hours and monitor employee’s efficiency with accurate reporting.


Workspace - Timesheet

Need more insight into the value of your marketing campaigns? You can store all this information in Quiddity and generate simplistic reports. Compare different campaigns, delivery methods, and expected and actual revenue to measure return on investment.


Marketing Campaigns

Get an in-depth look at individual client invoicing and revenue with our life cycle customer reports. Easy to generate, you can use these reports to forecast revenue or re-focus your marketing efforts to get the most value out of each client.


Customer Life Cycle -Employee

Quiddity gives you greater visibility across your whole business, with a range of sales, workspace, service and general reports. Easily analyse leads, quotes, invoices, contracts, products and services. With the information you need at your fingertips, updating your business strategies will be simple.

Marketing, Workspace, Service Delivery, Sales

Business Process management reports