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The What & Why

One system, multiple workflows, simplify your decision making


No credit card & training required.

What is Quiddity?

Quiddity is an all-encompassing business platform designed to simplify decision-making and help you focus on more important aspects of your business. With Quiddity, you can improve your work efficiency, create business visibility, improve process flows, manage projects and multiple timelines and gain from a customer centric approach to improve your business.

Featuring tools for lead management and marketing analytics, invoicing, timesheets, purchase orders, employee and team collaboration, company notifications, areas dedicated for project-specific information, to-do lists (which come with follow up reminders), report generation, activity walls and group chats – this system collectively allows you to manage your business in one place.

Why Quiddity?

Your answer: To simplify your day-to-day business operations

Simplify your marketing

Create campaigns, track budgets and review conversions

Secure new business with ease

Build new contacts, convert leads and generate quotes

Organise your chaos

Accomplish tasks and to-do lists and speed up workflow

Turbo boost sales

Manage workflow from lead to quotes to sales orders and increase revenue

Automate invoicing

Generate invoices, automate calculations and get paid on time

Manage your projects

Create timelines, track projects and increase project efficiency

Track your time

Report your time, take approvals and improve team efficiency

Gain business insight

Generate reports and increase visibility across your business

Integrate with existing systems

Merge with Xero, Mailchimp or Dropbox and improve your business processes