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Quiddity Calendar Integration with Google/Outlook

Manage all your meetings from a single screen

Calendar integration allows you to view all the events/meetings from Google/Outlook calendar in your Quiddity calendar. All your Quiddity/Google/Outlook meetings/reminders will be synced in a single screen and you can enjoy the flexibility of planning your entire day without having to switch between multiple screens.

Add a meeting in a few simple steps

Add any meeting in Quiddity and sync it with your Google/Outlook calendar. Also you can sync the already created as well as the upcoming Quiddity meetings in your Google/Outlook calendar. With the calendar integration feature you can manage and maintain all your meetings from a single screen which helps you plan your day in an efficient manner.

Add a Meeting - Calendar Integration - Quiddity

Edit the details of any MEETING easily

Edit any meeting scheduled in Quiddity from your Google/Outlook calendar. You can change the details of your Google/Outlook recurring or normal meetings from the Quiddity calendar and vice versa. This calendar integration feature eliminates a lot of manual work and enables you to boost your productivity.

Delete a meeting AT THE EASE OF FEW CLICKS

Delete any meeting in Quiddity or Google/Outlook calendar from the same screen. You can use the calendar integration feature to delete a series of meetings which you have either scheduled in Quiddity or Outlook/Google calendar. The flexibility allows you to cleanup your calendar when you have numerous cancelled meetings and you can also reschedule or arrange new meetings.