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Manage your daily work with a task management app

Planning activities in advance enables employees to deliver quality work within the deadlines. Improve your performance, productivity with the flexibility of priortising and managing your task lists from a single screen with a simple task management app – Quiddity.  

Monitor progress of your tasks, ensure that all the task related documents and information is available with the concerned resources and make sure that you deliver on time with the effective task management feature of Quiddity.  Whereas, with the To-Dos feature of Quiddity you can plan out your daily activities and ensure that every deliverable is completed and submitted on time.  

Use the task management app to ensure quality work in given time

Management of multiple tasks at a single instant of time is cumbersome and time consuming. Quiddity simplifies all the task management activities for you by allowing you to assign, set priorties, log time, manage and complete tasks. Flexibility and facility of this level enables you to get an edge and enhance productivity and performance.  

Manage Tasks - Task Management App - Quiddity
User friendly - Task Management App - Quiddity
Benefit from a user-friendly interface

You can create the task for any project, contact or its associated records with a single click. You can define its timeline, priority and assign it to an employee.

Team Work - Task Management App - Quiddity
Work together effortlessly

You can assign tasks to your team members. You can monitor the number of iterations they made to deliver the perfect outcome and note the time taken to complete the task.

Easily Accessible - Task Management App - Quiddity
Do more with minimum efforts

You can attach relevant documents, create sub-tasks and log timesheets associated with a task using the same interface.

Customise task statuses and notifications

New task creation - Task management app - Quiddity

Create new or rename the existing task statuses

Task progress update - Task management app - Quiddity

Define colour, order, close and finished status 

Task notification - Task management app - Quiddity

Draft the notifications to be sent for every task update 

Track tasks - Task management app - Quiddity

Select whether you want to receive notifications before or after completion of the tasks

Customised email templates - Task management app - Quiddity

Include required details in the email content for any task

Task Notification - Task Management App - Quiddity

Work on your tasks from anywhere and anytime

Get complete insights of the tasks and their details from your smartphone using the Quiddity mobile app. You can also partially or fully edit the details of the tasks on the move.

Mobility - Task Management App - Quiddity
Ensure timely delivery - Task Management App - Quiddity
Never miss any task

Track your team’s progress and remain informed regarding progress of every task – from anywhere and any device.  

Enhanced Accessibility - Task Management App - Quiddity
Work regardless of the device used

Create and update a task through the Quiddity web application or mobile application. 

Task Progress Monitoring - Task Management App - Quiddity
Stay updated

You will even receive a notification on your mobile when assigning a new task, before the start date and end date of a task. 

Plan and organise your To-Dos efficiently

It is certain that you get overwhelmed when you have multiple To-Dos to conclude in the same day. Well, priortising or allocating them is the key for their successful completion. You can do all this with Quiddity’s To-Do feature. Simplify your To-Dos management and ensure their timely delivery with the flexibility of adding, editing, deleting or assigning items from your To-Do list with Quiddity.

To-Do list management - Task management app - Quiddity
Manage your work list without any hassle

You can easily add, edit and delete items from your To-Do list. 

Important Tasks - Task Management App - Quiddity
Priortise your work

You can denote any of your To-Dos as important by clicking on the flag.

Documented To-Do List - Task Management App - Quiddity
Document your To-Do list

You can print your To-Do list for your future reference and ensure that you never miss on any deliverable.

Allocation of To-Dos - Task Management App - Quiddity
Assign deliverables to your team-mates

You can allocate work to any of your colleagues.

Improved Accessibility - Task Management App - Quiddity
Access your To-Dos on the go

You can use Quiddity’s mobile app to add and update a To-Do.