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CRM Outlook Integration – Quiddity


Increase productivity by integrating Quiddity with Outlook

We spend most of the time creating entries in a CRM solution by collating information from numerous emails. Now, automate this process and spend your time in adding value to your organisation by letting the add-in read information from the Outlook emails and log all the details in Quiddity.

Get Quiddity for Outlook


Use the Outlook add-in to quickly create contact, lead, task and to-do in Quiddity from your Outlook inbox. The add-in will automatically fetch sender’s information, email content and auto fill the details making it easy for you to create entities in Quiddity. With the CRM Outlook integration, create new entities from the Outlook, focus on important activities and boost your productivity.

Data Entry Automation – CRM Outlook Integration - Quiddity
Never lose a client

Get the contacts created automatically in your Quiddity organisation from your Outlook to ensure that you don’t miss a single detail of it.

Don’t miss on any leads

Create leads for existing contacts with the help of the add-in which fetches the information directly from your email and rest assured regarding your business opportunities.

Enhance your productivity

Create a task and assign it to your team members by allowing the add-in to fill the details from your email and ensure that the task is assigned to the appropriate team member.

Stay organised

Create the to-do’s automatically by using the information fetched by the add-in and ensure that you never miss any of the assigned deliverables.


We often tend to lose our valuable time while searching for our client’s details in Quiddity. Now you can automate this activity by syncing your Quiddity contacts in a folder created in Outlook with just a single click and find all the client related information at a single place.


You might be using a single email account to communicate for your various businesses. Measuring profit/loss for every business is important. You can manage these records easily in Quiddity by creating different organisations. With the CRM Outlook integration, the flexibility to switch organisations is available with the add-in too.