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Manage Your Ongoing Projects with Simple Project Management Software

One system, multiple workflows, simplify your decision making


No credit card & training required.

Small Business Project Management Software

For small businesses, keeping on top of new and ongoing projects is a daily challenge. A simple project management software is all you need to efficiently manage your projects. Keep it simple with Quiddity’s project management features. With Quiddity’s availability online, you can set up your team, create a timeline and manage all related tasks around project management in a single view.

If your current disparate systems are only making it more complex, choose Quiddity, the integrated solution.

Have you got several projects running on the go? Get big business results from a small business set-up with Quiddity. Our project management software lets you enter multiple projects, track their completion rate and set different stages. The simple, single view layout even lets you track billable and non-billable time, making invoicing easier in the long term.

Focus more on the project, less on the management. Sign up for a 14 day free trial or request a Quiddity demo today.

Ghantt-chart with online project management software