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Task Management Mobile App – Quiddity

Jumpstart Your Productivity by Managing All Your Tasks on the Move with Quiddity – an Effective Task Management Mobile App

There is much more to a CRM solution than being a system that helps small businesses streamline their routine activities and establish meaningful customer relationships. With my experience of working as a product manager for an effective CRM solution – Quiddity, I second this thought completely. A CRM platform such as Quiddity possess all the features that makes it an apt marketing tool, project management system and a task management application. The CRM solution is available on your smartphones making it easy for your workforce to continue managing the deliverables from any location.

So, what are the factors that make Quiddity one of the most reliable task management mobile apps in Australia? The first factor that I would like to quote is the flexibility of creating and managing tasks on the go. Secondly, you are able to delegate these to your peers from your mobile phone and ensure that work never gets stalled in your absence. And last but not the least, all your tasks are synced, which means you can access them on your Android/IoS smartphone or your laptop when you enter credentials for the same organisation. Furthermore, you and your team members can have an eagle’s eye view of all the tasks that are assigned to them from their mobiles by using several newly added widgets.

New Capabilities Introduced in the Task Management Mobile App – Quiddity 

Owning to the change in the nature of work – the work from anywhere culture that has become a new reality of all Australian organisations, team Quiddity has included several widgets in the mobile CRM application.

1. Starting Today

When you click on this widget, you get a list of the tasks that you or your teammate have set to start on that day. With this widget constantly showing the tasks that needs to be started on a certain day, it is highly unlikely for you to miss the deadlines as you will start on the planned date and time.

2. Ending Today

The widget enlists the number of the tasks that are ending on a certain day. The information displayed on a single screen enables you to ensure that you are submitting the deliverables timely to your clients/managers.

3. Overdue Tasks

As the name suggests, you are able to view all the overdue tasks. All the pending tasks are visible from a single screen for you to plan the required items on time and never delay any imperative.

4. Upcoming Tasks

With this widget, you have the flexibility to view the list of the upcoming tasks. The availability of the list allows you to ensure that you are prepared with the prerequisites to begin or complete any task.

Apart from these widgets, you also get notifications when any task is approaching its end date. With this functionality, you are able to figure out the remaining time you have, to complete any task and therefore you can plan your work accordingly. There are several other parameters that Quiddity as an effective task management mobile app adheres to, that are listed below –

1. Compatibility 

By stating this attribute here, I want to highlight the fact that the Quiddity mobile CRM is compatible with Android and IoS devices. Therefore, you don’t have to invest in different set of devices for your employees to access the task management mobile app. They can follow the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture while they are in office or can conclude the tasks whilst on the move with ease.

2. Security 

Team Quiddity knows that customer data is of paramount importance for any organisation. Therefore, we have followed several practices to include security controls in the mobile application to ensure confidentiality of your sensitive information.

The Ending Note  

Apart from being an efficient task management mobile CRM, Quiddity offers a wide range of features as far as small business activities are concerned. You can ensure continuous operations as all the business entities are available at the ease of your fingertips. To gain more understanding on the applications of Quiddity in your business scenario, email us at You can have a hands-on experience of the app’s features by downloading it on your Android and IoS devices and registering for a 14-day free-trial here.

Brendan Fazel

Brendan works as a Product Manager at Quiddity, an amazing workflow and customer relationship management tool for small businesses. He has a passion for design and problem solving and loves to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

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