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Quiddity’s Sales Management Dashboard

The Vital Lead and Sales Management Dashboard

Your morning alarm goes off – as you check your scheduled meetings, something seems awry:
7.30am – Breakfast with a prospective IT client (but you can’t remember his name)
7.30am – Write a proposal for a new client (Whose email appears to be wrong)
8.00am – Round two breakfast with an interested legal client
8.15am – Coffee catch up with a recently converted client
8.20am – Teleconference with an interstate lead (with the wrong dial-in number provided)

Looks like you haven’t managed your time or leads very well. Your pipeline management is not in one place – and it’s going to cost you.

As you reach the office, you receive a ‘letter of decline’ from a prospect who is unsatisfied with your turnaround time – another missed opportunity because you forgot to follow up.

Your assistant then reminds you to call back five leads you should have contacted yesterday. You also find an urgently marked Post-It on the back of your chair with a smudged phone number that you can’t make out. Your conversion rate is looking abysmal.

Sales management has always been about lead generation. Yet, your leads mean very little until they’re actually converted into new customers and profits. How you keep abreast of these leads is vital. Having the right platform to manage and view your leads is essential to complement this demanding industry.

Quiddity has established a unified lead generation and sales management system that provides full visibility of the entire sales pipeline, revenue generation and prospective lead functionalities. No longer will you need to rely on poor note keeping or your team as reminders.

Quiddity’s centralised platform means you can import, track and create several contacts in one place through its powerful search, interactivity and accessibility features.

Manually entering and updating lead contacts via a stringent CMS system across various projects is also a thing of the past. Quiddity minimises data entry by pre-populating contacts from its automated platform that syncs into your emails, phonebook and business documents. So all you have to do is hit enter and an automated contact lead can be generated and tracked – eliminating contact detail errors ahead of that 8.20am teleconference!

Leads assigned amongst your employees are also centralised onto this platform. No matter where you or team are located, Quiddity lets you access all leads and associated information in one place. While this encourages salespeople to self-regulate, it also allows managers to stay across the overarching sales process.

As it’s easy for team members to get distracted by conflicting commitments (and double booked meetings), Quiddity allows users to view see notifications, alerting them to any relevant updates for their leads and quotes. Quiddity’s contact lists can be linked to your calendar, promoting you to make appointments, schedule calls, meetings or simply to be used as a reminder.

Quiddity then tracks any open or active leads and what stage it is at. The leads dashboard allows you to see who staff are pitching to, what stage of engagement they are at, the next steps of action and the scheduled date for action.

Quiddity’s integrated platform means you will always remain across your leads, encouraging you to convert these into actual sales. Obtaining this information in one platform rather than accessing several documents or contact lists, eliminates any obscurities or gaps in converting leads to sales.

Lead & Sales Management Success

Quiddity keeps you on track. Trial it today with our 14-day free trial.

Brendan Fazel

Brendan works as a Product Manager at Quiddity, an amazing workflow and customer relationship management tool for small businesses. He has a passion for design and problem solving and loves to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

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