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CRM System – Quiddity

Six ways in which a CRM system help you improve your team’s productivity

No two members of any team are the same. In fact, team management is a tough task which is full of chaos. People come from different backgrounds and cultures and hence their thought process differs drastically. In such a scenario, building a high-performance team becomes difficult. And there is a misconception too regarding the teamwork, which says that teamwork happens by magic. It is proved that 90% of any task is completed by proper collaboration within the teams. Then also, many organisations don’t have a concrete strategy in place to improve teamwork. As per a survey by Skip Prichard only 10% of the teams are high performing, 40% of them are dysfunctional and the remaining 50% are slowly improving themselves.

Teamwork, in fact, is no fun it requires effort, strategy, time, capital, persistence and commitment from the management and the team leaders. Automation of mundane activities can help businesses generate high outcome from their teams, and a CRM system can assist you in that. Apart from automation, there are various other strategies that you can implement to benefit from your team’s true potential.

Strategy 1: Define your employees’ roles, responsibilities clearly

The employees tend to be more productive when there is no room for confusion and they exactly know what is expected out of them. Ensure that all of the requirements regarding any task and project is communicated in brief to the team member to avoid all the chances of miscommunication.

Work Assignment – CRM System – Quiddity
Strategy 2: Delegate the work amongst the team members

The key to improving teamwork lies in the delegation of responsibilities and tasks. If you are keeping busy, then you need to handover your adhoc tasks to other members of your team. Give them a chance to showcase their talent and complete the work on time. In case, they are stuck let them collaborate amongst themselves and find an apt solution to the problem. In this manner, you can boost communication between your team members, ensure completion of the assigned task and thus create a high-performance team.

Quiddity – a CRM system with an assign To-Do feature helps you in the allocation of work without much hassle. You just need to create a To-Do and you can pick a team member who will complete the task for you and you can define the status of your To-Do as well. All these flexibilities available at the ease of few clicks and from the same interface enables you to save on time and efforts.

Strategy 3: Offer regular training to employees

Your employees feel motivated and enthusiastic to work if they have something interesting to learn every day. So, if there is any technology update in a particular field, you can conduct training sessions where you could invite experts to give lectures on the development. For example, for sales and marketing team, you can host brainstorming sessions where the employees can collectively analyse the existing marketing and sales strategies and modify them to bring the desired results. Again, this whole exercise will enable you to initiate interactions amongst your team members and build a reliable and responsible team.

Strategy 4: Assign tasks as per the strengths and weakness of the employees

Highly performing employees often get demotivated when they are assigned tasks which don’t match their caliber. Therefore, you need to be thorough about your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Assign those tasks to your employees in which they have to push their limits to deliver the requirement. The satisfaction of improving their skillset enables team members to go beyond their comfort zone and conclude the task within the given deadline. And, if you are micromanaging your team, then you should stop doing it right away. The technology advancements have changed the manner in which employees work. They like to work with great flexibility sometimes even at the comfort of their home and this eliminates the requirement for micromanagement too.

Task Management - CRM System – Quiddity

Strategy 5: Take decisions based on data

It goes true without any doubt that if you don’t measure anything, you are not going to improve on anything. It is applicable in the business environment as well. And, it is concluded that companies who take data-driven decisions are more likely to be successful in comparison to those who don’t. Using the data, you can measure the productivity of your team. You can monitor the progress of the tasks, the number of iterations that an employee took to complete a particular task and also the number of hours spent in completing a task in Quiddity from a single interface. The data is available in an easy to understand format which enables you to take informed decisions and also gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Strategy 6: Use technology to automate mundane tasks

Invest in technology tools such as CRM systems to automate routine tasks for your employees. By doing this, you will be able to free up your employees from small and unimportant tasks and allow them to focus on innovative ideas and solutions. By giving them ample time, you also give them a chance to upgrade themselves, excel in their own field and also raise their level.

Pump your team’s enthusiasm today and generate high outcomes!

The strategies mentioned above might require some extra efforts from your end but in the long run, it is going to help you. You don’t have to break your bank to get software which helps employees with the automation of insignificant tasks. You can invest in certain effective CRM systems such as Quiddity which allows you to manage several business aspects, create and maintain a simple workflow and generate precise reports whenever required. To explore the management features in abundance, you can sign up for a free trial here.

Brendan Fazel

Brendan works as a Product Manager at Quiddity, an amazing workflow and customer relationship management tool for small businesses. He has a passion for design and problem solving and loves to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

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