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Online Task Management Software - CRM

How is online task management software empowering small businesses

Every organisation has its goals and objectives and uses multiple software platforms for the smooth functioning of their business. One such software that many organisations are using today is an online task management software that can help optimise their project management, improve the productivity quotient and business performance. The software is built to help business improve productivity and save time invested in completing tedious and daily tasks. On the other hand, improved control of tasks and resources helps businesses enhance organisational efficiency.

There is a lot more that an online task management software can bring to your business. Companies are now relying on platforms built to manage their projects and tasks. Read on to know how these platforms are empowering small businesses.

Improved turnaround time

The success of any project depends on two pillars namely strategic planning and appropriate estimation. Depending on the type of project, its estimation is done on the basis of different parameters and these are time and resources. A task management system offers flexibility of not only defining the start and end date of the project but also its milestones. Teams working on the associated tasks can log time spent on every activity and managers can keep a close watch on the progress of a project. Regular checks and improved co-ordination between internal team members helps businesses boost efficiency and deliver customer satisfaction.

Easy to understand and deploy

Needless to say, an online task management software can be deployed in a short space of time. Most vendors offer a license key, which you can log in to the system after payment is processed. The software is designed intuitively and hence, team members can start utilising the software without any rigorous training.

Integration with numerous tools

Online task management software is highly flexible when it comes to integration with accounting, marketing or any other relevant tools. Generating invoices and scheduling/completion of other activities can be automated with integration.


Online task management software is equipped with the facility to send out automatic notification of any new task added to the software system. Once the notification system is activated, reminders are sent to individual team members on any update. The software sends the reminder on selected days and time and the team can remain updated on all tasks at hand.

Document storage

In a project, there is a huge flow of information to be shared. In most cases, the information has to be sent in documents. Therefore, document management plays a big role in project management. Task management software can be a cloud-based system. Hence, all the documents can be stored in the cloud.

Internal and external communication

By using advanced task management software, employers can effect changes or modifications in any activity and tag affected team members, in turn improving internal communication amongst teams. Using the same tool, communication can be maintained with the clients and customers as well. The same interface for communication, reduces the possibility of miscommunication and optimises the decision-making process.

Improved customer satisfaction

With the use of an efficient task management software, defining milestones becomes easy and hence you end up delivering the project in the required time and within budget. Reduced delivery time for quality work enables you to tailor an amicable customer experience and build a loyal customer base.

Concise Reports From Online Task Management Software

Concise reports

Preparing reports on excel is time consuming and prone to human errors. Whereas, while doing the same, using an online task management software enables you to prepare correct and precise reports. You can add any required fields in a report such as time, resources, capital utilised for completing and executing a project.

24/7 accessibility

Online task management software allows employees to update their activities regardless of their location and time. Since the software is accessed via the internet, employees can leverage the flexibility to access it from different devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Task Management Software - CRM


Vendors of online task management software are more active when it comes to introducing changes in the tool. With the changes, you are continuously exposed to new features and hence can leverage its flexibility and improve efficiency.

Online task management software enables the owners and team members to simplify tasks, define milestones and collaborate. The aim to increase productivity and efficiency of the company is a big project in itself. Incorporating task management software can simplify and improve the success level of the business and improve the overall efficiency. Task management software helps strategically align all the tasks. Also, it ensures the right value is delivered at the right time with the right resources.

Grow your small business with an intuitive online task management software – Quiddity. With a long list of amazing features, this software enables you to manage your tasks and deadlines, integrate with various other platforms and deliver an enhanced customer experience. Click here to enrol for 14 days free trial today!

Brendan Fazel

Brendan works as a Product Manager at Quiddity, an amazing workflow and customer relationship management tool for small businesses. He has a passion for design and problem solving and loves to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

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