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Team Motivation

How to keep your team motivated

Every business is built on great products, exceptional service and a great team. While an organisation may have the best to offer to the market, it cannot go about doing it without its stellar people. For every entrepreneur across the globe, hiring the right people and keeping them happy is an ongoing effort.

Building a company where its people have been engaged for over long periods is a huge plus. They know the in and out of the business and also make the day to day operations so much easier. Employers always try to offer the very best to their people so that they look forward to each work day… here is a list that will help you motivate your team so that you can run your business uninterrupted.

1. Pay your people what they are worth

A good pay cheque attracts the right talent. In the beginning, money is always a huge motivator – it shows your employee that you value him/her and it boosts their self-worth. For your new hires, make sure that your offer is competitive. And for those already on board, you need to ensure that you have scheduled market comparisons so that you are in no way under-paying them.

2. Foster collaboration within the team

With teamwork, employees learn to trust and value each other. Creating an environment of healthy competition can increase creativity and productivity. Schedule team building activities from time to time and encourage your employees to participate in challenges. Create a thriving business environment by fostering collaboration amongst team members.

3. Walk the talk

Do your employees see you as a true leader? Do they believe in your mission? One of the top reasons why people leave organisations, is the lack of good management. If you want your team members to stay and contribute, lead by example. Be honest, respectful and have clear communication channels. If you are a good person and a great mentor, no team member will ever want to leave.

4. Offer professional and personal growth opportunities.

Employees love an environment which supports personal development along with professional growth. Allow your employees to want to develop their knowledge and skills and provide opportunities for the employee to cross-train in various roles across the company. Understand the personal goals of your employees and offer ways to fulfil them from time to time. Mentoring programs, online courses, in-house training programs on brainstorming or lateral thinking will go a long way.

5. Communicate the organisational vision and set clear and challenging goals

Your organisational vision is the roadmap for your employees to perform. Ensure that you clearly define this vision and communicate it well and often. Present your vision, engage and challenge your employees to hit the standards set by you. Use mediums such as an intranet, on-line notice boards, newsletters and group meetings to communicate your organisational goals. Setting a clear path and helping employees achieve and grow is highly motivating.

Keep your team motivated

6. Offer work flexibility

With technology changing the way we do business today, hand out those extra perks in terms of work flexibility or work-from-home options. It just goes on to show that you are a progressive employer who trusts your team and it also helps attract and retain real talent. This is one perk that is most appreciated by an employee and goes a long way in building a team of loyal employees.

7. Support new ideas and encourage creativity

Supporting employees with their new ideas or business solutions is highly motivating. Boost creativity and you will literally see your business flourish with the creative juices flowing in from all directions. Make sure that your team knows that you like to hear from them and also be enthusiastic in your response toward their efforts. Be tolerant toward their views and always encourage your team to think innovatively.

8. Make progress visible, reward employees and shower praises

We all need a pat on the back for a job well done. Make sure your employees experience a higher level of satisfaction at their work place by noting their contributions at a weekly meeting, expressing gratitude or by even shouting out the progress to the entire organisation. Reward programs that recognise an employee’s hard work can get the best out of your people, and is highly motivating. Remember, that we all thrive on feeling appreciated.

9. Supply feedback and conduct monthly review sessions

Giving constant feedback for one’s work is a great motivator. Sitting down every couple of weeks and letting your employees know how they are doing, is a great way for them to know that you care. Positive feedback is always encouraging and encouraging improvements sets things right before it’s too late. You can build strong working relationships over weekly or monthly meetings and get a good look into your ongoing projects and work issues.

10. Make the workplace more enjoyable and fun!

Boredom at the workplace is said to reduce productivity. Keep motivation high and do fun things at the work place like making the break room livelier. Schedule short breaks, host fun games during work time or hold a work barbeque. Allow your team members to kick up their heels, unwind and relax every now and then and see them get back to work all happy, inspired and energised.

As the leader, your job is to create an environment that encourages and rewards the hard work and innovation of the people who keep your business functioning from day to day.Would you not want every team member to come in all motivated and happy every single day? If yes, then are you doing what it takes to keep them coming back content and driven?

Brendan Fazel

Brendan works as a Product Manager at Quiddity, an amazing workflow and customer relationship management tool for small businesses. He has a passion for design and problem solving and loves to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

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