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Report Management System – Quiddity

An Effective Report Management System – Monitor Sales Activities for Better Outcomes

While being associated with Quiddity for the last four years, I have heard business owners talk about how they want to remove siloes between their different departments and want to invest in a solution that offers deep insights into the dispersed data. In a nutshell, the entrepreneurs want to capitalise on the power of business intelligence that efficient tools are designed to offer. I have also observed that small business owners often find themselves excluded as any business intelligence application could be heavy on their pockets and they might lack the skills to derive the relevant insights. Well, your CRM solution – Quiddity is tailored to offer reports that collect data from numerous processes and present the same in an easy to understand manner. Quiddity offers reports for marketing, sales, workspace and general reports. To be able to talk at length about the capabilities of this report management system, I am going to limit myself to the sales reports in this post.  

Report Management System – Quiddity


The report allows small businesses to gauge and gather every minute detail about an enquiry. The enquiry report is built on different parameters such as source, the campaign from which it was received, the time when it was received and the product/service for which it was received. The ability to decode the sources from which any business is getting the maximum enquiries allows them to tailor their promotion strategies correctly. Furthermore, finding the product/service for which there is a maximum enquiry influx allows businesses to learn their strength and develop on the same to unlock profit avenues.  


The contact summary report offers several details such as the time since the contact is associated with the business. The relationship type, industry, rating, owner and manager are several other factors that paint a clear picture about the contacts<<link with>> that the sales professionals have entered into the system. For example, with crucial information such as the industry the businesses are able to identify their target audience.  


With Quiddity as the report management system, the businesses can ace their lead management game as they have access to lead summary, lead conversion and lead pipeline reports. The lead conversion report can be extracted for the desired time such as weekly, monthlyfortnightly or a custom range. The availability of this crucial data enables businesses to decide on when to conduct their marketing campaigns to drive optimised results.   


The report management system – Quiddity generates three types of reports as far as the quotes are concerned. These reports are Summary, Conversion and Progress. By using the reportsa small business can monitor the status of their quotes and take actions whenever and wherever required.  

The Last Word    

To sum it up, I would like to say that if a CRM solution is used and considered beyond being a database then small businesses can reap a line of benefits. As stated above, small businesses can gain an edge over their competitors by using Quiddity as a report management system. Contact me at to understand the further applications of Quiddity in your business space. To explore the features yourself, click here and get a 14-day  free trial and we will show you how CRM for marketing campaigns can help you strengthen your customer relationships. 


Carly works as the Xperience Manager at Quiddity, an amazing workflow and customer relationship management tool for small businesses. Carly is passionate about ensuring that all users get the very best out of Quiddity.

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