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Tips from Quiddity on how to be better organised

It’s the beginning of a new calendar year, which makes it a perfect time to take a pause and re-evaluate the year that 2017 was, reflect on all the accomplishments, failures alike and charge forward in 2018 with new ideas and enthusiasm. While still being hungover in the holiday spirit, as a small or medium enterprise owner it’s the right time to accomplish a lot this year with the ideas that you have gathered and strategised over the holidays to grow your business. So, here’s sharing a few tips to get you “more” organised with Quiddity.

1. Compile a to do list daily

As a small business owner, you are probably drowning in to do lists and they’re just everywhere! In diaries, on the fridge, in your phone, on your desk, maybe even on the back of your takeaway box/cigarette box! Quiddity fixes this problem for you as you can add to your to do list both while logged on to your computer or on the mobile app on the go! Quiddity allows you to have your to do list on you at all times and you can check it off or delete it once done. Another added advantage is, you go paperless!

2. Delegate tasks without email

As your business grows, so does your size of staff. This often leads to sending tasks via emails, leading to hundreds of emails each day which literally results in death by emails! Fear not, Quiddity is here to your rescue! You can now assign tasks to the team members via Quiddity which frees up your email inbox and creates an efficient working environment.

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3. Receive, Enter and discard those business cards

Networking is essential for anybody in this day and age, especially you as a small business owner who’s out there day and night trying to make it big. But this means that there are business cards everywhere, literally everywhere – in your desk, handbags, car, wallets, pockets – you name it. Often times, you don’t find them just when you need it and all you remember is the name of the contact or the logo of the business. With Quiddity, you can enter the data quickly both via the mobile app or via the online version and find relevant information whenever needed.

4. Forget post it notes – set electronic reminders

Have post it notes taken over your computer screen! With the beginning of the new calendar year, you have meetings, ideas and tasks drowning you. It could be so chaotic that you could miss a very important meeting just because you put the reminder on a post it note and missed the time. Quiddity allows you to set Quick reminders that will prompt you. No more missing any important deadlines or meetings!

5. View your business workflows in one place

Generally small business owners use a number of manual processes or disparate tools for their business. Unfortunately these tools don’t speak to each other which means repeating the same processes and with no visibility of the full business workflows. Normally, if you wish to see how your business is performing you would like to see Leads, Quotes and Invoices in one place – Quiddity is one platform to manage all that and with its reporting module you can generate various business reports. This allows you to gain a better understanding of your business and hence can then make informed business decisions…Quiddity can be the calm to your storm.

Want to get organised? Sign up for the 14 day FREE trial and grow your business with Quiddity!

Brendan Fazel

Brendan works as a Product Manager at Quiddity, an amazing workflow and customer relationship management tool for small businesses. He has a passion for design and problem solving and loves to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

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