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Vivek “The Simplifier” Trivedi
As founder of Quiddity, there’s more to Vivek than meets the eye. He was way ahead of his time back in 1997 when he developed a hotel booking site in India with a supplier portal and room bidding system. Functionality considered standard these days. This mindset helped him create the “end to end approach” in his Technology Consulting and Service businesses.

Simplicity is his North Pole. His constant passion. And he’s solution focused, so it’s no surprise that Quiddity was developed. He saw a need for workflow and structure in his own business and developed it. He strongly believes that Quiddity does that for the small business owners. If you wanted to pick his brain in person you’d have to buy Jamaican Almond Fudge ice cream and a cappuccino with 1. But you won’t get him first thing in the morning, that’s when he’s meditating.

Brendan “The Planner” Fazel
Brendan manages the Quiddity product and makes sure it’s doing what it should. He was a designer and a coder, but finally fell in love with project management. Planning and coordination is what he does…he doesn’t miss a beat. Think dance music, headphones and smiles all around. Pressure is his best friend but if you wanted to pick his brain you’d have to buy chocolate ice cream (the more the better) and a fat latte, no skinny on Brendan.

Vishnu “All about logic” Patel
Vishnu is the practical thinker of the group. He takes his requests and figures out all the technical stuff so the functionality can be built in Quiddity. His background is so extensive he was around in the DOS days. If you don’t know what that means, ask an adult who grew up without a mobile phone, they’ll know. He’s an early riser, and can be found meditating and listening to Indian classical music. You could pick his brain with a Nescafé. We take no responsibility for his coffee habits at all, it must be against some HR code surely?

Nisha “The Breaker” Trivedi
Nisha is the resident bug finder of the team. She is the most prolific user of Quiddity and makes sure that the team is made aware of any issues she encounters. She nicknamed herself “the breaker” because that’s what she does, she tries to break it. She is internal quality control. With breaking must come rest and she likes to unwind with a book and if she doesn’t, well, she’s goes a bit cuckoo! You could pick her user brain over dark chocolate ice cream and a flat white, but if she’s already had her 1 coffee quota, you might have to reschedule.