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  • The safety and security of your data is our No.1 priority!
  • We go through regular 3rd party security assessments: Security testing / Penetration testing etc. to ensure your data security and integrity.
  • All Credit Card information goes through a secure PCI-Compliant payment gateway “Stripe Payments”.
  • We use 256-Bit SSL encryption to protect your data. It is the same level of security used by financial institutes to secure their online activities.
  • We understand that security is a PROCESS, not a FEATURE. So we always welcome suggestions from our partners and customers. In Quiddity we have a feedback icon on every page which allows you to get in touch with us for any issues you are facing with our platform.

Security Checkpoints

  • Secure Login: We use strict password standards and use authentication tools like “Google captcha” to protect your account from brute force attacks.
  • All browser activity is managed by our 256-Bit SSL security.
  • Organisational and Employee based security is managed by Employee Roles, Access controls and Privileges. This allows employees to see as much or as little information based upon their job roles.
  • We do not share your information to any 3rd party agencies or companies.