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Manage payment cycles efficiently with a CRM for Invoicing solution – Quiddity

The business world is always going to be an uncertain place to dwell in. And if in this scenario you don’t have an invoicing solution in place, it is quite possible that you may reel in less profit. To remain on the top of your invoice management game, you need to invest in a CRM for invoicing solution. 

Quiddity is a simplified and effective tool that allows you to manage all your invoices efficiently by allowing you to view all of them from a single interface. You can schedule the invoices, extract the reports and perform other necessary activities to ensure that you get the payments from your customers in the defined timeline.  

Use a CRM for invoicing solution to streamline the invoicing process

Quiddity can be termed as one of the best CRM for invoicing solutions in Australia because it is equipped with a plethora of features and presents you with a multitude of flexibilities.

Define payment terms

You can either use the default payment terms set in Quiddity or set your payment terms and fix specific payment period for your clients.  

Set GST conditions

You can make invoices GST free even if GST is to be levied on its product/services and create invoices that will suit your company’s rules and regulations.

Track your flagged invoices

You can flag your important invoices as red to keep a close eye on them. Mention the reason for flagging that invoice so that it brings clarity. 

Define deliveries

You can define delivery charges and addresses for your invoices and ensure that the product is delivered to the correct address and the concerned charges are levied.  

Manage invoices effortlessly

Specify the period for which the invoices will be sent out to the customers and schedule them accordingly. 

Decode the source of your invoice; find whether the invoices are either the scheduled ones or the contract invoices from the attractive icons.

Create invoices directly from different entities such as Contacts, Leads, Quotes, Sales Orders and Projects.

Learn for which lead, quote or sales order a particular invoice was created and gather the critical insights required for taking business decisions.

Explore the flexibility of creating full or partial invoices for your clients and cater to their need of being charged as per the services/products received.

Get an eagle’s eye view of all the invoices

Quiddity can be stated as one of the top CRM for invoicing solutions in Sydney as it allows you to manage several aspects of the invoicing process without major hassles.  

Create invoice templates

You can accelerate the process of creating invoices for the products/services that are sold frequently by using those products’/services’ invoices as a template.  

Replicate your invoice details

You can copy your invoice and quickly create a new one for the same contact having the same product/services and delivery address.

Get a complete insight on payments received

You can manually add payments received against each invoice and take a note of pending payments.

Get notified for due payments

You can ensure that none of the invoice payments are pending as the CRM solution sends the reminders automatically to the invoice owners and managers on the due dates.

Customise invoices to suit your specific requirement

Generate a PDF for any invoice and share it with your client from your laptop or smartphone.

Add your company’s logo to the invoice to suit your company’s requirements. 

Use a HTML editor to customise your invoices.  

Get custom-made payment details in PDF and never miss out on imperatives.

Monitor business revenue

Quiddity, an effective CRM for invoicing solution, offers several details on the dashboard itself to enable you to take informed actions.

Track the revenue

View the total number of invoices you or your colleagues generated during the entire year and learn in which month you gain the most business and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

View customer life cycle

Remain updated about the invoices billed by a particular contact for a year or the products/services for which the invoices were approved from the customer life cycle widget on the dashboard and take informed decisions.

Achieve more with Quiddity and Xero integration

Explore a new arena of improved flexibilities and feasibilities with Quiddity and Xero integration. The integration enables your account and sales team to share and access the required data at the ease of a few clicks and save their time. 

Chart of accounts and tax rates

You can map Quiddity products/services/bundles with Xero chart of accounts and select the applicable tax rate per line item or invoice wide to ensure that all your financial entities are in sync. 

Import entities

You can imporcontacts, invoices, employees, product or services from Xero with a single click and eliminate the need for entering them manually. 

Sync invoices to Xero

You can submit invoices generated in Quiddity to Xero and reduce the complexities of the accounting process. 

Track payments received in Xero

You can benefit from payment details being auto-synced directly by Quiddity and save your time by viewing all the payments from a single interface. 

Create bills directly in Xero

You can create bills in Xero for the purchase orders created in Quiddity and share the same with your suppliers and complete the entire payment cycle with ease. 

Connect effortlessly with Xero

Conclude the accounting and invoicing process without any hassle. 

Categorise data in the correct accounts and ensure the accuracy of the financial statements. 

Avoid any currency mismatch while connecting to Xero organisation. 

Sync your invoices and purchase orders with a single click. 

Drive business intelligence with easy to understand reports

Quiddity, one of the best CRM for invoicing solutions in Sydney, allows you to extract reports as per your requirement and remain informed about every important bit of the entire invoicing process. You can download these reports in an excel or a PDF format to either email them or save for future use.

To-Do list management - Task management app - Quiddity
View your invoice summary graphically

Get invoice specifics such as the number of invoices generated during a particular period, which employee and which branch office generated them from the invoice summary report. You can use this critical information to measure your business performance and make revisions in the strategies if need be.

Generate contact statements easily

Take a note of the pending invoice amount for all the contacts or a single contact; set automated reminders in Quiddity for your employees to chase your customers and get the pending amount.

Track contact’s due amount

Monitor the pending amount for a particular contact from the report and engage in an informed conversation with them.