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Case Study

The Challenges
Prior to Quiddity, Exigo Tech was trying to scale their business fast. This technology consulting and service business had several external parties who were integral to business success and required constant up to date communication. They also employed staff in different geo and time zones, with just a small window of time in which the entire team was online.

Effective communication between all parties was key, and their current email trail system was making it extremely difficult to keep all the balls in the air. Customer critical things began to fall through the cracks. And the fast growth trajectory of the business could be slowing down if nothing was done.

The Solution
Exigo Tech then implemented Quiddity to manage all aspects of their business. The critical communications, notifications and alerts now occurred with ease and all parties had access to the information they needed. Clients were happy with the transparency that Quiddity provided them and vendor supply was simplified by having access to Exigo Tech workflows using Quiddity.

Not only did Exigo Tech see significant gains in employee productivity through implementing Quiddity, but also clarity in the processes to scale their business from small to medium in just 18 months.

Quiddity provided a complete workflow management system that enabled Exigo Tech to fulfil their business goals without the need for multiple subscriptions and data sources.

The Results
At just 3 employees, Exigo Tech systems were not supporting them so they hired an admin support person. The admin support still didn’t solve the communication and collaboration problems occurring in the business. Enter Quiddity. Upon implementing, the admin person’s workload reduced significantly. Quiddity delivered so many efficiencies to the business that they were able to quickly scale and add another 6 staff without additional admin support in just 12 months.

Quiddity was able to save Exigo Tech 1 hour per person per day, that’s 5 hours per week per employee! Now at 18 staff and 4 contractors, Quiddity is an integral part of their business. Without Quiddity there would be an additional 3 staff members. For an average employee salary, that’s equivalent to at least $180,000 in savings each year!

Exigo Tech remains a committed partner to Quiddity, and chief beta tester of new features. They plan to continue scaling their business even more with Quiddity as their core system helping them achieve that.