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Our Story

Quiddity was created to fulfil a need for the team at QPOD. With a growing business and team, the cracks were starting to show in the day to day operations. The different systems that QPOD was using to manage the business were creating unnecessary complexities on a daily basis. A constant thought which came to the management team was “There needs to be a simpler way” to manage our business. After extensive research and testing other systems they decided to build their own and in doing so, created a solution that was simple and easy for a small business to grow. The core concept was to build a simple easy to use system which had most of the workflows that a small business uses without losing its functionalities.

Quiddity allowed them to have in one place, one single source of truth, rather than multiple data systems and subscriptions. Doing so, allowed them to quickly scale their small business to a medium size business in less than 18 months. Clients were happy with the transparency that Quiddity provided and vendors were happy to have access to the system as part of their own workflow. It wasn’t long before their clients and partners started asking if they could use the system too. They loved it!

But, an internal system does not make a commercialised product, so it was back to the drawing board for the Quiddity team and with the use of design thinking they re-engineered the product you see today.

Quiddity allows businesses to develop a customer centric approach to ensure that their business is proactive to customers rather than reactive. It’s a growth mechanism for a small business and you can rest assured that it’s been built and tested by an SMB for an SMB.

And we must thank grandma Haleane, without her Quiddity would not be named as such. And what exactly does it mean? It’s a Latin term for the inherent nature or essence of someone. Yes, the essence that is your business, simple beautiful workflow. That’s Quiddity.